Welcome! Welcome to the AMEN Shop! We have a wide variety of merchandise available with pretty much all of your favorite characters from the Association of the Malicious, Evil and Nefarious! Right now, our products are delivered via three third-party vendors:,, and Google.


Enjoy them! They're Plushies with your favourite AMEN characters. Now you can go to bed every night knowing that your friends, the AMENites are there for you if you need something small and squishy to huggle.


Disclaimer: The company is not held responsible if any of these plushies come to life at night and kill their owners in strange, painful and unique ways.

AMEN The Game


The AMEN Videogame will be released in stores sometime in the near future. One reviewer said "AMEN The Game is in fact the greatest videogame to have been released in the history of videogames. Now can you please remove the knife, it's scaring me…"

This videogame features all the playable characters of the Association of the Malicious, Evil and Nefarious. It is a combination between a Puzzle, Action, Adventure, FPS, RPG, Strategy, Racing, and Fighting game. Blue Shells, of course, are present.

Disclaimer: The company is also not held responsible for the loss of life caused by this game, that is, for people having no life from playing it.

For an additional exorbitant fee, you can also purchase the strategy guide, without which you will never acquire the best weapons, secret party members, or half the content of the game, because unless you perform a very unlikely series of events at EXACTLY the right time, that only this guide can tell you about, they'll be lost forever!

And that's…EVIL! Muhaaha!

Note: If you attempt to use GameFAQs or any similar site instead of buying the guide we will hunt you down. We know where you live.

Order in the next 10 minutes and you can get a prize!

AMEN Tools

No, we don't mean our members. Now you can order the Tools used by your favorite association's members in your daily life!
NOTE: The Items in this section are currently off the market because they were branded "unsafe". Once the respective Authorities have been bribed, blackmailed, or stabbed they will resume production.


Kids love it! Custom-made flamethrowers signed by none other than PirateMonk himself, perfect for cooking, or roasting marshmallows! Or shooting your annoying neighbors, of course.

Big-ass Sword

As seen on several JRPG's, a humongous sword, so big that you can barely even lift it off the ground. But it's OK! The hilt will set itself on fire while you're holding it, anyway, so no need to worry about much! Stained with the blood of so many innocent lives, this sword is a true collector's item!

Cloning Machine

Portable cloning machine, guaranteed to make 100% pure evil clones with murderous intentions. Small parts not for children under 20.


Hand-crafted by the Mr. Peanut company modeled after our personal Beholder, this monocle will make it easier for you to see wherever you go! Oh, and it also shoots freakin' laser beams, thought you should know.

Lunar Calendar

Phase's own personal Agenda! Make sure he doesn't find out we're selling it, though…..<.<

Our Guarantee: Our products will never give you up, let you down, run around and desert you, make you cry, say goodbye, or tell a lie and hurt you.

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