(Baron) Beholder

Name: Technically unknown, but you may refer to him as Beholder.
Other titles: His Beholderyness, Baron Beholder, or, more formally, Sir Beholder. Or Uber-Formally, Sir Baron Beholder.
Race: Beholder
Class: Aristocrat (?)
Size: About 6ft. Diameter.
Primary Eye: About 2ft. Diameter.
Weight: 32 lbs.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 321

Likes: Raising taxes, botany, accounting, disintegrating things, sneering, and pancakes.
Dislikes: Anyone with a lower position in life than him, creatures with legs, raisins, and non-Beholders in general.


Sir Baron Beholder is the little known Baron of a small Fiefdom. He conducts nefarious deals and tax changes in his manor deep in the countryside.

The newest member of AMEN, Beholder is the self appointed Beholder in charge of Beholderyness and general Monster-Related affairs. In addition, Beholder is the official accountant for AMEN.

Beholder is the last surviving member of his tribe (characterized by their thin eyelids and apparent ability to grow facial hair). No one knows who knighted him, although he apparently comes from a long line of Aristocrats.

WEAPONS: None technically, but his secondary eyes are capable of casting disintegrate beams (Beholder's favorite, especially in concentrated barrages), Charm monster, and Finger of Death. Beholder also has the ability to inflict magical fear on opponents, turn their flesh to stone, and make them slow down annoyingly. Beholder also is a psion of considerable power, and uses telekinesis on a regular basis. (When not using that, he uses his secondary eyestalks to manipulate his surroundings.) Beholder also has the potent ability to create an antimagic field, disabling spells and most magic devices.

OTHER ITEMS: Beholder wears a massive Tophat, in which he stores pens, cash, and pretty much anything he needs to bring with him. The Tophat has been infused with magic, so only Beholder can remove it on purpose, and it can't fall off unless he's unconscious or dead. Beholder also has a valuable monacle made of nearly indestructeble materials that he uses to protect his soft eye region. To his dislike, however, the monacle is frequently stolen. (Although it always manages to appear back on his face for some reason.)

NOTE::: Capitalize "Beholder". Always.

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