Book Of Ages

Chapter One:
The Beginning.

"In the beginning, there was nothing. Then a divine being appeared, and created the multiverse. There were many solar systems densely populated with prosperous life. The divine being began to create the law and chaos system. This was the worst mistake ever in the history of time and space. A demonic being appeared, to counteract the multiversal law with chaos. This being created the monsters which inhabit most planets, from simple creatures like kobolds, to powerful ones like Tarrasques. The demonic being also created a army of demons, and planned to destroy the divine being. The divine being forged an army of angels, and the Great Universal War came to be. In the end, the divine being and demonic being fought in an epic battle, and the demonic being was left horribly crippled. The only way for the demonic being to survive was to turn into a relatively human form. This new human form came to be known as…


Chapter Two:
The Revolt.

"The divine being then cast a sealing spell on the weakened Lifebane to prevent him from ever regaining his power. Unfortunately, the divine being was interrupted near the end of the spell by the leftover demon minions, and the spell was partially incomplete, making it possible through a failsafe Lifebane had created as the demonic being, to regain his power if an event like this were to happen. He had created a small altar in on an uncharted island, which surged with enough power to return Lifebane into the demonic being. Lifebane used some of his magical powers to transport him there, but to his surp-"

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