Kat Sinister

Race: Demon

Class: Showman/Puppeteer/Accordionist

Alignment: Evil

Age: ??

Hair: None visible


‘Kat Sinister’ is the alias of a fiendish Showman from the Abyss and on again off again leader of AMEN, he's the only Demon member of AMEN, his ultimate desire is to return existence to the boring void…….. its a very long term desire…

Recently, rumors are circulating that he is actually Psyke D, the fabled creator of AMEN. Obviously he didn't start these rumors which may or may not be true.

He is currently possessing a mortal to anchor himself in the forum.


Kat Sinister is a Megalomaniac and is grotesquely egotistical. But this little character flaw doesn't keep him from trying to make friends with even the most lowly of forum members! No not at all! Kat is, for the most part rather friendly, upon meeting him he always comes to you with a ready smile! Always happy to make new friends. While some naysayers might point out that he does this to try to trick others into selling their immortal being to him or into some potentially lethal outcome…. Well I'm rambling, the point is they're just jealous. When not making friends or being just a superb guy in general he.. ……………..Hmmm, kan't think of a time when he's not. Well occasionally he does have brief flashes of extreme paranoia… but thats because he's far more intune with the world then others. Like how they're watching me right now. They want to take it from me! but Noooe!! They can't have it! Its mine! I can see it in their faces, taste it in their smell, hear it in their body language!! Ohhh they think they can trick me but I can smell it on them!! The putrid stench of watermelon! The colour of guilt!! Aside form that little quirk he's just great.

…………Well, he does from time to time get the abrupt urge to maim and kill with abandon, skinning and rending the deliciously soft and sliceable flesh of others around him. Oh just thinking about eviscerating some oblivious little kreature and then strangling it with it's own innards… ahhhh..


Kat is a truly gifted magician! With obscene ease he can saw a woman into three pieces while she is still alive and with but a flick of his wrist make her vanish so completely that authorities can't possibly link him to her disappearance!! In addition, Kat is a master of disguise and can throw his voice with astounding ease!


- Kat Sinister: Yes some might notice that theres more then one Kat Sinister around AMEN, these aren't clones at all just more.. hims. Kat's own explanation for the phenomenon is that his amazingness is unable to be contained in a single fleshy vessel and so he spread himself out. How many there are exactly is debatable.

- Sinister Co: Kat’s own company, compiled from Demons, interned sinners and other assorted miscellaneous entities.

- Demon Mafiosos: Yes, that's right demons have their own mafias. A number of these groups in different layers have made partnerships with Kat so he can call upon their soldiers when he feels the situation calls for a little muscle.

likes: Muppets, buttons, himself.

Dislikes: Words that start with S, j-rpgs, being ignored.

Fears Socialism, Hair.

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