Commodore Fluffy

No longer the newest, or most frequently killed, member of AMEN, and the only Lawful Neutral member.
He was conned into joining AMEN, and giving Cat Sinister his soul. He seems to be hated profusely by Saurous (who isn't?), and is also the leader of the Lawful Neutral group LAW, which is currently at war with AMEN.

Not that you out of all people want my stats, I feel a strange obligation to do so.

Evilness:2 (I am technically neutral, and since "2" is an average human, I would assume that that means neutral
Munchkinness: 6 (if Munchkins include "noobs")

Any significant skills and/or abilities, especially if they're unusual:
Would a P90 count?

Any magical ability:
I am in LAW and AMEN, while they are at war with each other, and i am the one who declared that war. I guess Insanity must count…Also, when neglected, I regenerate

As much background as possible:
I am Commodore Fluffy, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy [LAW], I was contacted by beings of pure law, and was sent forth on a crusade to create a lawful empire that encompasses anything an everything. But they didn't specify if it had to be good.

What you think of the other Associates (each one, not just in general):

Castaras: Likes killing me
Crazy Fat Goblin: Don't know him too well.
Exachix: Who's He?
Fus: Strange name
Goblin Music:Pretty Cool
Korith: Don't know him
Lord Fullbladder: Imaginative name
Lord Magtok: Is awesome
Moon Called: I don't even know you
PirateMonk: You are annoying, but who isn't
Rex Idiotarum: Don't know him
Saurous: Needs laxatives, or possibly crack cocaine.
Uberblah: I don't know him
Vespe Ratavo: Don't really like him, he has spaz attacks
V junior : is Okay

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