Dr. Benny Bobbin

Gender: Boy
Age: Six and a quarter
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Yellow
Blood Type: Red!

Dr. Benny Bobbin is a member of AMEN who specializes in Genetics. He usually travels with his Bear companion, Paddington. He has more creatures, but it's mainly just the one. His mind is… odd.


Benny was born, and got into genetics when he was one-ish. This one time, at daycare, he built a living castle out of his schoolmates, teachers and nearby pedestrians. He received a PhD once, but he threw it in one of his play chests since it wasn't any fun.



Benny wears a faded Blue and Grey schoolboys uniform, and has a yellow tie for good measure. His school coat of arms is a blue umbrella over top a yellow and black shield.

Chef's Knife

His scalpel.

Stitch Ripper

He uses this to steal buttons from other characters. If someone has all of their buttons taken by this they die.


Benny keeps an array of these in his jacket. Most of the time, they just change the race of the injected. Sometimes he accidentally creates an intoxicating drug, but labels it "Imagination" so people won't suspect it could harm them.


Benny keeps a small array of repellents in his pocket. What it repels depends on the label. How he creates them is a mystery.


Benny has a special brand of marmalade that he feeds all his creatures. This keeps them perfectly healthy, and boosts all of their abilities while healing them constantly.


Benny has a large variety of companions that he created in his laboratory.


A 10'2" Grizzly bear that gets bigger, and more ferocious, if it eats too much of Benny's special marmalade. He is Benny Bobbins best friend, and is one of his early creations. Paddington wears a big red bush hat - of holding - that he keeps his marmalade in.


Among his many creations are animals of all kinds. They range from Bears to Seals. Some die in a matter of hours after being created, while others are still moving to this day.


Benny has managed to clone dinosaurs in his time alive. He brainwashes them so they only take commands from him. On occasion he has sells them to carnivals as prizes in the midway, but they tend to wander back to him.


As his entire castle is basically one big Golem, he has a lot of these to spare. Benny doesn't give them names, but instead he categorizes them by number and whatever colour he decides to paint them.


Although he never uses these as actual offense, he has a great many slivers just so he can reference Magic The Gathering.

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