Draken's Laboratory And Anex Citadel Of Rebena Te Ra

Draken's laboratory entrance is somewhere on the fifth floor, the room itself takes over a nice area of the north-western levels down to the seventh basement. The rooms are divided for many uses, breeding chambers, forges, freezers, and all sorts of laboratories. Even the area dedicated to necromantic experiments seens more like a genetic lab than the usual temple/cult shit. Draken is so not-religious he is actually an Elder Evil.

Rebena Te Ra is Draken's fortress out of the base, a gigantic Necropolis hovering on top of a volcano surrounded by everfrost. A sprawling city grows bellow it, around the faces of the mountain, and is inhabited by whatever wretched beings serve and commune with the foul lord of the citadel. It is also it's own, separate thread!

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