Draken Sapphirion Frosthand

Race: Kyorl'Zuraj, Demilich
Class: Wizard, Archivist, Incarnate, Geomancer, Sapphire Hierarch, Soulcaster, Archmage
Age: 1.000 older than you could be.
Blood: No
Eyes: Blue lights
Skin: Ashen
Hair: No

Draken is the head geneticist of AMEN, a function he seems to take lightly, but deep in the bowels of his laboratory, his servants are always answering silent, insane whispers to create new abominations that defy understanding and seemingly purpose. (Bunny of Damning Blight anyone?)

That aside, Draken is a caster, a master of thousands of spells, down the most wicked, like his personal favourite, Love's Pain. The wording he uses for his spells is strange, alien, and strangely effective, but ear-bleeding disturbing. His preference for simple speech during fight, however, led him to the constant use of Automatic Silent Spell. He is also a skilled meldshaper and is proficient in the control of raw mana, whose power is all but unfathomable.

Draken's troops cosist of aberrant monstrosities, exotic undead, hightly magic-powered constructs and vermin of all kinds, scorpions, dragonflys and centipedes in particular.

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In appearance, well… He's rotten. He used to show himself as a monstrous cryohydra, but shed such a shape to reveal a far more disturbing one. A Demilich formed by an insectoid skull, four clawed hands and a pair of skeletal bat-like wings, each of these has, hidden somewhere, a blue sapphire that is one of his soul gems, while nine other gems float in an hypnotic dance inside the orb of negative energy that forms the center of the grim figure, while on rest, the ragged mantle he uses keeps some of the orb hidden, but the hungering cold is almost palpable. His original race is that of the long forgotten Kyorl'Zuraj, arthropods that ruled during the time before times, along with the Aboleths and the Etheregaunts, Draken hates all outsiders, tolerating Obyriths as necessary allies. And nourishes unmatched spite for all creatures he deems "young races" or "godspawn", and particular hatred of deities themselves.

If destroyed, Draken turns to ash and reforms himself in a matter of minutes. He also sometimes turns to ash when he teleports, so it is possible that he never really dies.

Draken's personal position in the organization is that head of general scientific/arcane research. He cares little for leading the unruly band of ragtag kids (Which is actually his opinion on everything but his own troops and militar allies) that are the other AMENites. The Elder Evil hold enought personal power to make his opinion noteworthy when deemed necessary.

Elder Evil stuff:

Anathematic Secrecy (Malefic Property, Su): Draken is immune to divination magic of divine origin, or used by deities.

Impervious to the Divine (Malefic Property, Su): Draken is immune to all divine magic aimed directly at him, along with the spell-like abilities of outsiders and all magic of deities.

Greater Discord and Woe (Malefic Property, Su): As a standard action, Draken can force all creatures in a 20 ft. radius emanation, centered on any point in a 100 mile radius to go into a mad rage, these creatures gain the benefits of barbarian rage, but instinctively attack the nearest creature (ally or enemy, Draken included) and take 1d4 vile damage each round they are under this effect. A will save is allowed each round to end the effect and to negate the ability.

Unbound Void (Malefic Property, Su): Draken constantly emanates an Unholy Aura, this aura also duplicates the effects of Desacrate and Unhallow, all creatures entering the area are targeted by Crushing Despair. This aura is also supernaturaly cold, reducing the ambient temperature by one category (DMG rule). Draken is considered a bastion of unholy power for the effects of desacrate.

True Words of Darkness (Ex): Draken can speak the Dark Speech and takes no penalties for doing so. He can combine this with Truespeech to reshape creation as a mockery of itself, within limits.

Other Properties: As abomination.

Draken's player calls himself Milton, and odd enought, he is a nice guy, unlike the twisted monstrosity he plays, his speech is blue, while Draken's is navy.

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