Enemies of AMEN

AMEN, being an evil group, has more than its share of enemies and those who wish to utterly destroy it.


HALO (Helpful, Anti-Lawbreaking Organization) was initially an enemy (or at very least rival) organization of AMEN, due to their radically different alignments. This has been dropped, due to various reasons (i.e. role-playing differences, a lack of cooperation of any sort, AMEN having the attention span of a culture of algae, etc).

Currently, there is an impenetrable barrier in place between the AMEN and HALO bases. They are, arguably, still part of the same "universe."


The Enemies of Several of Those in the Association of Malicious, Evil, and Nefarious Team. Composed of the backstory nemesis' of many different AMENites, they have made approximately one unsuccessful attack on AMEN, abandoned due to boredom.

The Fourth Wall

It knows why.

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