Flickerdart The Sly

Flickerdart the Sly, or usually just Flickerdart, is AMEN's most mundane member. Boasting neither godlike magics nor almighty forms, all he has going for him is his twin short swords, immunity to venoms or disease attained after dying in the same scorpion pit 500 or so times, his rapier wit, and a sexy, indestructible cape. Oh, and vorpal boots, though generally they're only useful against men, for obvious reasons.
Hailing from nowhere in particular, Flickerdart is often bored, mostly because AMEN's internal power struggles mean little to him. More Lawful than Evil, he is content to wait until everything settles and stab someone. Having long since given up on winning his battles through show of force (because of godmodding and AMEN's poorly defined resurrection machine) he prefers to defend himself through cold logic (we all know vorpal boots don't conduct electricity) and the occasional call to sanity that usually goes unanswered.
Ill-defined in the OotS stickman style universe beyond equipment until recently, Flickerdart's player has long since had the character in his signature as a small, different-styled figure. How everyone was oblivious to this, he does not know.

Flickerdart was at one point in possession of Shas' equipment and wallet, but she god-modded them away somehow.

Flickerdart speaks in dark red, and his player speaks in regular black.

Flickerdart is currently busy not existing, having been destroyed by his player.

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