Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White Platinum
Blood Type: Yes

Archangel of the Blue Moon. Haruki is the only Chaotic Good Member of AMEN. Issues with alignment and whatnot made him decide to join the Evil Association even without becoming Evil. Still, being hundreds of years old and having spent most of them serving the Greater Good grants him the ability to do one or two bad things without being affected. He will not, however, hurt the innocent intentionally, which leaves him not much else to do than stand around making sarcastic comments to the AMENites about how clichéd Evil really is.

He keeps a stock of Shuriken and Caltrops hidden in his clothes, and happens to have a good repertoire of Magic Spells. He also has several pets, the most notorious one being a full-sized Chain Chomp.
Although people claim his alignment shifts, he is still Good. He claims he's just too Chaotic to care.

As for Haruki's position in AMEN, it tends to shift. Once upon a time, he was Cat Sinister's second-in-command. Then, Magtok's Second-in-Command. Later on, back to Cat Sinister's. Seeing the current lack of a "real" leader, Haruki simply assumes he is someone's Second-in-Command, quite possibly the Lord Walrus's.

Haruki's Pets

Chain Chomp: Haruki never explains where this Chain Chomp came from. All that is known for sure is that it has been Haruki's friend since before Haruki descended from the Celestial Realms. As an added bonus, Chain Chomp will allow Haruki to ride him given that he's in a good mood. Dragging Haruki (and sometimes Magtok) around is also an option.

Pikachu: Decided to come along with him when Haruki joined AMEN. Not much is known about this Pikachu, as he rarely, if ever, shows up in the base.

Mr. Moose: Technically not one of Haruki's Pets. Simply a plot device created by Draken, Phase, and Raiser_B1ade in which Dib Haruki was stabbed with a Moose and then locked in a Room with a Moose. Haruki is still unsure if the reference is to that cartoon with the talking babies.


Haruki's sword, victor of over a thousand battles. Mugetsu literally means "No Moon". It is a blade forged in the Celestial realms by someone Haruki holds in high regard. The blade received the name Mugetsu, for it has the power to pierce even the Night Sky. Neither Good nor Evil can withstand an attack from the blade without being cut. The Earth, The Sky and the astral bodies all succumb to its power, as long as Haruki wields it.


In an attempt to study something new, Haruki got himself a few chemical components (Children's Chemistry Set) and a book, "Becoming a Potions Master for Dummies". Unfortunately someone decided it might be funny to shoot him while doing so, which caused him to fall over on the potions, knocking them over. After a massive a splosion, Haruki suddenly developed a condition. It appears that he has sudden LAZOR attacks, in which his face suddenly changes, he announces he's firin his Lazor and Shoop da Whoop.

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