Lord Magtok

Lord Magtok is the Head of Technology of AMEN HQ, and tries to be the stern dictator. Fortunately, no one listens to him. Magtok's preference for machines, much like Saurous's preference for the dead, leads to many crude jokes.

Half of his brain, and many other body parts have been replaced with robotic prosthetics. That, along with an awesome scar over his right eye, seem to allude to some sort of horrible, tragic event that occurred long ago.

Magtok's robots and clones are badges of his technological skills. He is often disappearing into his labs, most likely to create all sorts of cybernetics, robots, and anything else shiny, metal, and/or evil.

Magtok was unseated as the head of AMEN by Cat Sinister. He was very upset over this, and has recently decided to take up tap dancing and singing to vent his frustrations.

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