Mr. Edward Nigma
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MrEdwardNigma is a fairly new member of AMEN.
His main interests are wizardry (which he is quite skilled in), riddles, killing puppies and torturing members of HALO. He also enjoys long walks on the beach.

He joined AMEN mainly because of their dental plan, but he fits quite well in the rag tag band of evildoers. Whenever he gets bored watching the free cable in the base, he'll try to chase away the boredom by doing random things such as making puppy stew.

MrEdwardNigma has been revealed to have an assistant named Squee. Squee's a tiny grey-haired, hunchbacked old elf with parchment like skin and inch thick glasses. He's usually forced to do all the filthy jobs the wizard could without lifting a finger the hard way, and should he choose not to, punishment is never far away. The whole point of having an assistant is for the wizard really just a source of comical relief, and using Squee as cannon fodder is always a hoot.

No matter how silly the wizard sometimes makes himself look (often by completely failing at his numerous attempts to do an "evil laugh"), he's a force to be reconned with, and should be taken very seriously indeed.

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