Age: 4,000,000,000+
Hair: No
Sex: No
Eyes: Yellow
Blood type: Neither blood, nor ichor, runs through his veins

Phase is a comprehendable avatar of the moon. He joined AMEN during the war with the French. When not spending time in the main room of the AMEN base, he likes to either spend time in his room, in orbit, or out being worshipped by cults or something. He very much despises any being who doesn't give a proper introduction when they try to join AMEN; anyone who challenges the laws of physics; and Sol, the personification of the sun.

Phase's room is big. Really big. Like, really, really big. He must have a lot of closet space. It seems that Phase has tied up his player and locked him in a side room of AMEN. No one knows why. I just pray that Phase's narrarator isn't next. That would suck so bad!

He enjoys referencing Valve games, Sim games, movies, and books as much as the next AMENite, but he's usually a bit apathetic. Not as apathetic as Saurous, but…

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