Plans of World Domination and Whatnot

Vespe's evil plot to control the world by giving everyone a free mind controlling plushie

Well, that's pretty much it right there…. >_>

Castaras' potion plans:

50 tanks of love potion
50 tanks of truth potion
50 tanks of personality potion
50 tanks of food potion
50 tanks of strong alcoholic drinks
Beautiful and rich clothing
Ruling Sceptre
5 generic Igors.

1. Mix the potions together to create special supadoopachocolatefudgecoated potion.
2. Give to the world.
3. Wait for world to submit to your will(Normally takes about 2 hours.)
4. Accept crown.
5. Enjoy new world.

The Writing on the Wall:

On page 21 of AMEN VIII, the Junior gang discovered bodies… and sickening writing in blood on the East Wall. They promptly ran off to barf, but the mystery remains… who did this?!?

Fus: Do you even need to ask? >:D
Junior: Erm… no, not really. COCO! SENTRY! WHERE AREEEEE YOU!

Uber's Plant to Undermine Moon_Called:

Shhh… She doesn't know about this yet…

Hang on, what's this then?

Wires, electricity, and fruit

Wires being connected to the roof, animated fruit wandering about…

The animated fruit seem to be guarding something. The wire leads to a fruit salad guarded by animated fruit, and protected by a strange forcefield.

Haruki's plan to take over make the world a better place

Haruki claims to have a plan that he can execute to make this work. He refuses to give details, but he says he needs several ingredients and/or components:

  • Cowbell
  • A Home-Run Bat
  • A Telescope
  • 5 Grams of Salt
  • 20 Decks of Cards
  • More Cowbell
  • A Square Ball
  • A REAL Doctor
  • From America!
  • A Grandfather's Clock
  • Fried Soba Noodles
  • The Game
  • A Pirate
  • A Ninja
  • A Pirate-Ninja
  • More Cowbell
  • Magtok's Dead Body
  • Hickory-Smoked Horse Buttholes
  • A Burrito
  • Nacho Cheese
  • A Calculator
  • A Cup
  • A Zebra
  • A Fax Machine
  • A Scythe
  • An Electric Cowbell
  • An Iced Tea

Plan of Pure Doom

If you want to know how we'll keep our enemies busy for hours on end, click here.

Plots in the AMEN Base

The War with the French

AMEN went to War with the French. Once. A result of a joke gone out of hand, AMEN was dropped right on top of France, wiping out most of the country. A young girl, Madeline le Fout, clearly mad about it, ran off screaming something about France. She then gathered some troops and declared war on AMEN. The rest is history.

Phase's Room

Wondering what Phase was up to when he was alone in his own room, the AMENites decided to sneak into his room by forming a Conga line of Flickerdart pushing Hiwatari into the room, then being pushed by Sheep, who was pushed in by Haruki, who was pushed in by Festy, who was pushed in by Cat Sinister, who was pushed in by Magtok, who was pushed in by Zombie Pixie, who was pushed in by V Junior.

While no answers have been found whatsoever, Haruki was treated to a full meal, including a cheezburger and drink, by one of Phase's robot servants.

Coming of the Walrus

After an off the hand remark by some AMENite, most likely definitely Haruki-kun, Phase inadvertantly cast a spell called 'Icicle,' which, somehow, summoned fifty-thousand magical walruses to the base. They soon orchestrated a rigged election under their leader, Lord Walrus. Currently, Lord Walrus is leader of AMEN. Scientists estimated this state of events would last approximately eleven days, but they were wrong! Suck it, science.

The Theft of The Moon

So, this one time, Phase was kidnapped by his nemesis, the sun. Sol brought him out to space and kept him there for months. This is because none of the other AMENites actually saved him! They started, but then got bored or distracted by intruders and wandered off. Sol got so fed up with this, he released Phase as a sign of "get the hell away from me," marking the first substantial proof that if AMEN ignores conflict long enough, it sorts itself out.

The Obscure Reference

On a dark and stormy night, a beautiful woman in a maid's outfit showed up at the door. She introduced herself as Wilhelmina Carmel, Manipulator of Ten Thousand Ribbons, a Flame Haze (and soon discovered to be an Anime Reference). Once inside, she tied Haruki, whom she apparently knew, with ribbons and told him off for not doing his job as a Flame Haze. In order to restore the balance between good and evil, she decided to act as a teacher for the AMENites, to make them Evil again, beginning with a Field Trip to A Small City, Filled to the Brim with Innocent People.

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