The Amen Rpg

Well, once Vespe finishes writing it, the AMEN RPG will go here.

Magtok: Probably won't be for a good while. Lazy good-for-nothing bum.

Korith: *Throws a Mk II self-cloning bomb in here*

Fus: Hey, I made an AMEN RPG. Remember? That one time? And nobody could download it?

Vespe: No one cares.

Magtok: And I heard you made yourself the final boss or something, which means it's more of an EVIL RPG.

Fus: Oh, well, yeah, I guess.

Korith: Want game make now!

Vespe: I haven't worked on it in forever. Meh. Maybe I'll scrap that and make it a d20-ish thing, the system I made wasn't that good..

Castaras: Ye gods, you're all freaking lazy! And I'm a hypocrite, but who cares? Exy: Well yes…

Moon Called: Speaking of lazy… *meaningful glance at Saurous*

Vampiric elf : laying lazy on the couch after having tirefully exercised his arm with throwing a pie to castaras her face, he says : wats wrong with lazy uhm?

Vespe: So is "lazy" like "lazily?" So you exercised your arm like a tire? Did you roll it around? And how exactly do you "castaras" someone's face?

I could go on for HOURS. Hee hee hee.

Saurous: Was the reference to me being lazy about the lack of a webcomic? I'm working on it! Or at least, thinking about working on it.

Castaras: Hmm…guess I'll have to poke you until you show us how it's getting on. *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*

Vampiric elf Thats for me to know and for you to geuss:P, btw vespe, *ducktapes vespes and Exachixs mouths*, see thats better.

Exachix *Changes form, swallows Duck Tape. Washes out with water, and then Slays Vampiric Elf*

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