The Cloning Lab

Due to the fact that the AMENites seem to kill each other on a daily basis, it was found necessary to keep clones of themselves in order to have a good supply of spare AMENites.

A Cloning Contract is included in the stacks of papers which all members are required to sign. One of the reasons you are required to sign in blood is because, ostensibly, they use this as a sample to grow your clones from (the other reasons are sadism and "because it was funny"). How they obtain the samples if one doesn't sign in their own blood is a mystery.

Not all AMENites use the Cloning Lab, mainly because of its vulnerability. While a clone is being grown, anyone can change its physical and mental properties, such as gender, height, weight, whether or not they're a horrible monstrosity of multicolored flesh and tentacles protruding from various patches of exposed skin, etc. Vespe has been known to use this feature on his own clones…

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