The Crater/The Walrus Base

When the Walruses took over, they ended up filling the crater of the dormant valcano on which AMEN is situated with over five-hundred million gallons of salt-water. This doesn't seem to have any specific purpose, other than giving the Walruses a tactical advantage… Which I guess is a pretty specific purpose…

The order to fill the crater was enacted by the Walruses' leader: Lord Walrus. Lord Walrus is pretty ruthless, for a walrus. At the bottom of the crater lies an enormous secondary base, somewhere between four and six hundred square meters. This base is a flatish dome, with one entrance to the water outside. There are constantly at least two walrus guards outside the entrance. The base has numerous defenses, from missles to anti gravity repulsors. There have so far been two attempted invasions of the walruses' base, both unsuccessful.

As of this moment, the Walrus Base is MIA.

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