The Freakin Npcs And Players

There are a lot of NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) in AMEN! Some are temporary, others are here to stay! What ARE we going to do? Well, we could list them…

Happiness- Description & Page Link on Saurous' Page.

Maur- Description on Saurous' Page.

Meadhbh Nature- The daughter of Junior and Magtok, Meadhbh is a girl who doesn't back down to a challenge. She was thought of in Victoria's mind (originally) as a boy called Magtok Junior! However, when Victoria read that Magtok wouldn't like to be a Magtok Sr., she scrapped that idea. 'Meadhbh' is prononced May-ve, and is actually the name of one of Victoia's schoolfriends. Meadhbh shares her name with the real-life Meadhbh and a Stararaptor (a Stararaptor is a kind of Pokemon) owned by Victoria on Pokemon Pearl. Meadhbh doesn't like to be opressed, and has a slight hatred of magic; it hasn't stopped her falling for Maur, though!

Dark Junior/Itara- Two Juniors? Oh horror! Dark Junior was created by Junior in a freak accident while Junior was experimenting with meerkat strength potions. Some of Junior's DNA got into the mix, and Darkie appeared. Darkie THEN turned out to be Junior's twin sister Itara! Itara killed Junior then threated to kill Meadhbh. Junior somehow came back to life and retrapped her twin.

The Juniors- There's been like 5 billion Juniors! Oh joy!

Robots/Meerkats/other minions- Some AMENites have minions!

The Players- Every AMENite has a player. Some are name-level; Saphire, Victoria, Carlos, Coll and Lizzie. Others are too lazy; like SP and BBP.

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