The Prison

The base prison, more commonly referred to as the Dungeon, is the location where all captured enemies, prisoners of war, and annoying do-gooders are stored. The prison's layout is as chaotic as the rest of the base, although it is almost always about ten levels deep and about three or four levels below the main floor.

As expected, the prison is protected by a complicated anti-magic system. Magic cannot be used by those on the inside of the cells, but magic can be directed into the cell from the outside.
There are a few cells that are designed by Rex that allow the use of magic by prisoners. However, these cells redirect any magic, weapon fire, or even small amounts of kinetic energy back inwards on the prisoner in the form of lethal energy. Prisoners that "need to be taught a lesson" are commonly placed in these cells.

The prison is interconnected with the torture chambers, and thus prisoners can easily be transferred between the two.

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