V Junior

Junior (real name Princess Verandius Naytyiur-Ayrmahtyhiir) is AMEN's resident ultra-powerful outsider/ninja/meerkat queen/mother of one. It's a lot to do, but hey, when it comes to multitasking, Junior's pretty good. With training from one of the greatest ninjas that ever lived (the now deceased 'Hawk'- a master of Sword And Shadow), a bad attitude and a short fuse, Junior's not one to be messed with. She's the Head Of Meerkats, but she desires a higher postion in AMEN.

Junior is a Half Human/Half Natraii. Natraii are all the people like Mother Nature and her full-immortal family (not Junior [half-human]/Meadhbh [3/4 human]), the now deceased Father Time and a few others.

She is the girlfriend of Magtok (having revealed her love for him after he as switched with a Lawful Good spy whom Junior killed) and also mother of his daughter, Meadhbh Naytyiur-Ayrmahtyhiir-Drol, a young Dark Angelic trainee ninja. Meadhbh is also the girlfriend of Maur, Saurous and Moon's son.

Junior's outfit is a very skimpy black halter top, and a very short skirt (hey, if you were immortal and had a CHA scrore of about a million, wouldn't you want to have some fun?) She wields two super-sharp glowing blue katanas, but is very dangerous unarmed, having about a gazillion Monk levels. She can be pretty mush invisible, as she has loads of levels in Rogue and Ninja and Scout, plus an ECL of about +284190471904712.

Junior's backstory will be written someday.

Junior's player is called Victoria, a British girl who can't get on AMEN very often, thanks to Latin classes, piano lessons, school, Scouts and more. She has appeared occasionally, and she speaks either in OOC or dark green.

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