The Wondrous Item Emporium Of Wonder

Created simply so there would be something outside the base, the Wondrous Item Emporium of Wonder (because the Emporium itself is as wondrous as the items it sells) contains unlimited rooms full of unlimited services. The only clause here is the price: gold doesn't go as a currency here, and neither do any conventional means of barter: those why try to use souls are laughed at. Every shopkeeper in the Emporium will ask a different price for every item, and there is never room for haggling. The prices they request are as ludicrous as what they sell, and as such not even the standard all-powerful AMENite can purchase anything here without significant toiling. The clerks will never accept a stolen item: it must be coming from its rightful owner of their free volition.

Haruki: It probably means that I'm the only customer, right?

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